Worship Ministry

The worship ministry at NHBC is designed to provide a biblically focused approach to worship. At NHBC, we believe that if we are going to approach God in worship, it must be done as He has prescribed in the Bible. Therefore, every aspect of worship, preaching, reading, singing, praying, and the ordinances (Baptism and the Lord's Supper) are all done according to God's Word. We believe that when God's people hear from God through His Word, His people have the opportunity to respond to Him in worship.

Worship Through Song

At NHBC, we love music that glorifies God. We love to sing His praises. We worship God by singing songs that are biblically accurate and doctrinally correct. We seek to do this by providing a blended style of worship. The goal of a blended style of worship is to incorporate the great hymns from the past that the church has handed down to us today, as well as include the new songs that are being developed and sung today. Regardless of whether old or new, the most important aspect of the songs that we choose is that they are true to God's Word.

Worship Through the Word

The Bible is central to the preaching at NHBC. Pastor Ben strives to ensure that the church is nourished by God's Word and seeks to faithfully exposit the text of God's Word. The primary goal in the preaching is that the church would better understand God's Word and be able to apply it to each individual's life and the church's life as a whole. Pastor Ben strives to be a text-driven preacher. This means that the passage of Scripture that is being preached determines the content, structure, tone, and even the length of the sermon. The preaching of God's Word is necessary to worship because, throughout Scripture, a rhythm of worship is that God speaks to His people and His people respond in worship. This is what we are striving to accomplish during the worship service, God's people would gather, hear from God through His Word, and respond in worship.