Discipleship Ministry

The discipleship ministry at NHBC focuses on fulfilling Jesus' command to "teach them to obey all that I have commanded you." The central focus of NHBC's discipleship ministry is the Bible. If we are going to make disciples who know all that Jesus has commanded, they must know God's Word. We believe the Scriptures are central to our growth as disciples. Because discipleship affects every aspect of a disciple's life, at NHBC, we seek to approach discipleship holistically.

Sunday School

There are Sunday school classes for all ages at NHBC. Sunday school serves as the primary entry point for discipleship at NHBC. Sunday school classes also provide essential connections and relationships with other church members.

Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer Gathering

An essential aspect of the growth of any disciple is prayer. During our Wednesday evening gathering, we study God's Word, and then, we allow God's Word to guide our corporate prayer time together. This is an important time for the church as we are being knit together in fellowship as share a meal beforehand and then spend time in prayer after studying the Scriptures. We desire to see God have His way with NHBC and we believe the best way to do that is to seek Him in prayer together.

Discipleship Training

Sunday evenings are devoted to growing deeper in our discipleship. While Sunday school serves as the entry point to discipleship, we must grow to maturity. The goal of Sunday evening gathers is to stretch our faith and deepen our understanding of both doctrinal and practical aspects of discipleship. After all, if we are going to grow as disciples, we must know what to believe, why we believe it, and how to live it out. Therefore, the discipleship training time is designed to provide classes that focus on both doctrine and practice (e.g., the doctrine of the church, marriage, interpretation of the Bible, and conflict management).